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Our solution filter through the noise and get marketing offers straight to the customers’ smartphones.

Riglobe Smart Wi-Fi helps institution capture social profiles and understand students better.

Internet Access is now a basic human right and definitely an absolute necessity for any students these days. Students are one of the most active online groups and expect internet access no matter in the lecture theatres, classrooms, cafes, gyms and libraries etc.

Riglobe Smart Wi-Fi also protects against any malicious use of your Institution’s Wi-Fi network. User’s IP addresses are logged into the system and tracked. Prevent access to undesirable webpages by configuring settings in the Riglobe Smart Wi-Fi portal.


Build brand

Create your own branded login page and allow easy login into WiFi.

Track location-based

Using the dashboard, track the flow of students, dwell-times and other data based on key metrics.

Prevent unauthorised

Secure your Wi-Fi and prevent malicious use .

Glean user

Capture users’ social media profiles and visitors’ contact information.

Installation less than 5 minutes

After subscribing to our service, we’ll send you a Riglobe Enterprise Grade Access Point and get it set up less than five. If you need cabling services, we can help as we provide end to end solution for enterprise. One-time log-in access gives your customers WIFI access each time they visit. Seamless connectivity.

Customize your portal

Customize your own brand experience, Your own business logo, color scheme and special promotions.

Welcome your guests or customers with an attractive customizable splash page such as uploading your logo, choose your color scheme and even post special promotions or offers to engage your customers directly.


identify your most loyal customers. Reward them for supporting your business

When a new customer log-in to your Wifi Network, Riglobe add them to your marketing database. Each time they visit again, we learn more about them in details such as spending habits and interest.